In 1887, a candy maker moved to Mackinac Island, Michigan to work at the famous Grand Hotel. The beauty of the tiny island in Lake Huron captivated the candy maker and he decided to stay. As the tourist trade grew, the candy maker started his own business. One day, a mistake was made during the preparation of a chocolate fondue, causing it to set up on the marble slab. The result, a fudge with a smooth, creamy texture, never before experienced. This encouraged the candy maker to refine and develop this marble slab unique creaming technique to form a fudge unequaled in excellence to this day. As the candy business grew, fourteen flavors of fudge were made along with the finest dipped and molded delicacies. The quality tradition started by the Mackinac Island candy maker is continued today by the Sedona Fudge Co. using the same recipe, natural ingredients, and no preservatives. All fudge is made fresh daily by hand in the old fashioned manner.

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