Chocolate Lovers Delight Basket

Featuring a Chocolate Pizza---!!!

A fun and delicious milk chocolate treat topped with M&M’s, white chocolate drizzle and then filled with mini marshmallows.

 If you like graham crackers, you will love the milk and dark chocolate crackers! The only thing missing is a glass of milk! 

 Mouthwatering cookies and cream fudge mixed with crushed Oreos attractively placed in an elegant box.  What could be yummier?

 The two, rich, chocolate cream truffles are pure decadence to the taste buds!

 A jar of dark chocolate fudge sauce is included for you to top off your favorite desserts or just eat it right out of the jar…

We’ve also included heart-shaped milk chocolate suckers and more!  Two Hearts as one is the message of this basket and the colorful “Chocolate Lovers Delight” surely says it all!

Chocolate Lovers Delight Basket
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Price $49.00